Duplex 2507 Small Intake Screen for Seawater Filtration in Island Nursing Homes

Time: Jun 3, 2023 Scene: Seawater filtration Region: Hong Kong, China

Recently, we cooperated with a group of clients from Hong Kong who needed a kind of seawater filtration component for nursing homes. After an in-depth demand analysis and site inspection, we jointly decided to use duplex 2507 drum type intake screen. To ensure that our customers get the best solution, our engineers carefully study the draft drawings provided by our customers and actively communicate with them to ensure that the design and final product drawings fully meet their needs.

Basic Information and Specification
  • Scene: Island nursing homes
  • Region: Hong Kong, China
  • Products: drum type intake screen
  • Material grade: Duplex 2507
  • Screen Diameter: 150 mm
  • Screen Slots: 0.5 mm
  • Style: wedge wire screen drum with 1/2" BSP backwash inlet pipe
  • Flow capacity: 10 m3/h (up to 12 m3/h)
  • Flow direction: FOTI
  • Quantity: 1 pcs
Finished Product Photos & Packing

Duplex 2507 small intake screen drawings

Finished Product Photos & Packing

Duplex 2507 small intake screen

Duplex 2507 small intake screen to be packed

Duplex 2507 small intake screen tube details

Duplex 2507 small intake screen


There are T intake screens, I type intake screens, drum type intake screens, half intake screens and small pipe type intake screens. Intake screens can be installed in oceans, lakes, rivers and reservoirs.

  • In power and nuclear plants, intake screens are used as primary filters for cooling water drawn from natural water sources.
  • In ships, offshore platforms and seawater treatment facilities, intake screens filter organic and inorganic impurities from seawater, thus protecting seawater cooling systems, pumps and other critical equipment.
  • In gas and oil pipeline systems, intake screens filter solid particles, gravels and other impurities from oil and gas, thus protecting valves, nozzles, compressors and other key equipment from clogging and mechanical damage during transportation and treatment.