A picture of water treatment plant water source

Wedge Wire Screens Provide Accurate Separation for the Water Treatment Industry

The water treatment industry has long faced numerous challenges such as water pollution, water scarcity, and climate change. These challenges have created a demand for technology and solutions to enhance the sustainability and efficiency of water resources. Wedge wire screens play an indispensable role in various areas of water treatment, such as filtration and separation, solid-liquid separation, flow control, and sludge treatment. These products efficiently facilitate water filtration, separation, and flow control, playing a crucial role in ensuring the sustainable utilization of water resources and environmental protection.

  • Groundwater testing. Wedge wire can filter out sand, gravel and other debris to prevent groundwater contamination.
  • Seawater desalination. As a part of pre-filter systems, wedge wire can effectively remove impurities and particles from seawater.
  • Municipal water treatment. Wedge wire is used to separate solid impurities from water to improve the quality of municipal water.
  • Fish protection barrier. Wedge wire protects fish and other aquatic organisms from being drawn into the water intake system.
  • Sludge treatment. Wedge wire can efficiently separate water and solid sludge and facilitates treatment and dewatering of sludge.