Wastewater purification tank filled with industrial wastewater

Wedge Wire Screens Achieve Effective Solid-Liquid Separation in Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment is commonly found in factories and municipal sewage treatment plants, where it involves treating the liquid portion of the discharged wastewater to meet water quality standards for reuse or safe discharge.

Wedge wire screens are typically used in the earliest stages of wastewater treatment, namely the primary solid-liquid separation process. These products are primarily used to remove larger solid particles, sediment, fibers, and other impurities from the wastewater to reduce the suspended solids content. This helps to minimize the risk of clogging in subsequent equipment, prevent damage to pumps and pipelines, and reduce maintenance costs during the treatment process.

  • Preliminary screening. Wedge wire screens are used in the primary stage of wastewater treatment, where untreated wastewater or influent often contains various solid substances such as sticks, leaves, plastics, and other debris.
  • Primary treatment. After preliminary screening, the wastewater undergoes primary treatment. Wedge wire screens can also be used in primary clarifiers or sedimentation tanks to help separate and retain these settleable organic and inorganic solids, while allowing clearer water to enter the secondary treatment process.
  • Protection of downstream equipment. Wedge wire screens protect downstream equipment and processes from damage or clogging caused by larger solids, while ensuring the effective operation of secondary treatment processes such as biological treatment or filtration.