Rotary Drum Screen – Precise Design for Liquid&Solid Separation

Rotary drum screens, also known as wedge wire rotary drum screens, are an indispensable part of rotary screen machines. By filtering materials through rotation, our rotary drum screens stand out with their robust design and all-stainless steel construction, minimizing equipment downtime and maintenance costs.

The end of the drum screen is designed with a welded flange or welding ring, making it easy to install on the drum screening machine. In addition, in high-pressure environments, we also offer a solid rod option to ensure exceptional filtration performance. This means that our rotary drum screens not only perform excellently in conventional settings but are also reliable in more challenging conditions.

A wedge wire screen filter on black background.
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Model Display

Different types of rotary drum screens meet various application and installation requirements.

Rotary drum screens are generally divided into two types: External Fed and Internal Fed:

  • External Fed: Wastewater or materials to be treated are introduced from the outside of the rotary drum screen. This design is suitable for certain specific wastewater treatment and industrial filtration applications.
  • Internal Fed: Wastewater or liquids are introduced through the central axis of the drum. This means that the liquid enters through the inside of the rotating screen and undergoes solid-liquid separation. This design is commonly used for solid-liquid separation as well as other industrial applications that require efficient filtration.
An external fed rotary drum screen with position rod on white background

External Fed

An internal fed rotary drum screen with welding ring on white background

Internal Fed Type 1

An internal fed rotary drum screen with flange edge on white background

Internal Fed Type 2

Technical Information
  • Materials: stainless steel 304/316L/321/310S, Duplex steel 2205/2507
  • Screen Diameter: up to 2400 mm
  • Screen Length: up to 6,000 mm
  • Slots: Customized 0.02–3.00 mm
  • End Types: flange or metal rings
Table 1: Common Specifications of Rotary Drum Screen
Wedge Wire Sizes (mm) 0.75 × 1.5 1 × 2 2 × 3 2 × 4 3 × 5
Support Rod Sizes (mm) 1.5 × 2.5
2 × 3
1.5 × 2.5
2 × 3
2 × 3
2 × 4
3 × 5
3 × 6
2 × 4
3 × 5
3 × 6
5 × 6
3 × 5
3 × 6
5 × 6
Product Advantages

Choose our rotary drum screens for durable and reliable support for your mechanical equipment.

  • Support rods withstand high pressure during high-speed rotation
  • The port design includes flanges and welding rings, facilitating installation on different devices
  • Supports backwashing, with a smooth surface that enables self-cleaning and anti-clogging functions
  • Adapts to continuous material flow and high-volume processing needs
  • Precise and meticulous full welding process for a long service life
  • High screening precision, providing reliable industrial processing solutions for solid-liquid separation
Product Applications

Rotary drum screens are widely used in scenarios such as solid-liquid separation and dewatering treatment.

  • Rotary drum screens for the sugar industry
  • Dewatering treatment of manure in large-scale livestock farms
  • Poultry & meat processing effluent
  • Seafood processing effluent
  • Vegetable & fruit processing effluent
  • Pulp & paper debarking water
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Through customer cases, you can learn our excellent product quality and process in-depth, and feel the quality of wedge wire screen rotary drum screen.

Local details of wedge wire cylinder
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