Large Water Distributor Assemblies on Top of Water Treatment Plant Tank

Time: May 23, 2023 Scene: Waterworks Region: Australia

We received an email from our client at an Australian water treatment plant. Regarding their desires to be able to install wedge wire lateral assemblies large enough for the top of a 100" water tank. To ensure that our client received the best solution, our engineers carefully studied the draft drawings provided by our client and actively communicated with the client to ensure that the design and final product drawings met their needs. We supplied our client with two sets of header lateral assemblies for the top of a large water tank.

Basic Information and Specification
  • Company: Water treatment plant
  • Country: Australia
  • Product: Wedge wire header lateral assemblies
  • Material: SS316
  • Screen slots: 1.0 mm
  • Wedge wire screen tube: Customized
  • Main header: Customized
  • Flange: ASME B16.5 4" class welding neck flange
  • Quantity: 2 sets
Finished Product Photos & Packing

Finished header lateral assembly

Header lateral assembly width measurement

Header lateral assembly length measurement

Header lateral assembly tube length measurement

Header lateral assembly unassembled tube

Header lateral assembly flange

Screen slot size measurement

Wedge wire screen tube diameter measurement


Wedge wire lateral assemblies are used in all types of water tanks for solid-liquid separation or fluid handling. Depending on the installation position and function, they can be divided into hub and header lateral assembly, hub fish spike lateral assembly, and header lateral assembly. They perform their functions at the top, middle, and bottom of the water tank.

  • In water treatment, it filters and evenly distributes fluid at the top of the water tank.
  • In the mining industry, it can be used at the bottom of rapid and gravity sand filters to filter out liquid in the material.
  • In ion exchangers, it is used for uniform fluid distribution at the top and for liquid collection and filtration at the bottom of the water tank.