A nuclear power plant is discharging fuel gas in the field

Wedge Wire Screens Ensure the Efficient Operation of Power Generation Equipment

In the modern power generation industry, there are various sources of electricity, such as coal-fired, gas-fired, nuclear, and renewable energy generation are provided for human use. In this field, processes such as feed filtration, cooling water purification, oil filtration, ion exchange, and backwashing are particularly important. These processes require filter and separation materials with high precision, high strength, and corrosion resistance. Wedge wire screens are the ideal choice for filtration and separation in the power generation industry, providing reliable protection for power plant equipment and ensuring stable operation of the equipment under high pressure, high temperature, and diverse media conditions.

  • Intake screens. Wedge wire intake screens are installed at the water inlet structures of power plants to prevent debris, aquatic organisms, and large solids from entering the cooling systems.
  • Condenser tube protection. Wedge wire screens are used to protect condenser tubes from contamination caused by debris, deposits, and marine organisms in the cooling water. Clean condenser tubes are crucial for efficient heat exchange and optimal power generation.
  • Hydroelectric power plants. Wedge wire screens are used in hydroelectric power plants to prevent debris and aquatic organisms from entering the turbine water intake. This protects the turbine from damage and ensures continuous power generation.
  • Fuel filtration. Some power generation systems use liquid or gas fuels. Wedge wire screens filter impurities from the fuel supply systems of these power generation systems, and ensure clean and reliable combustion of the fuel.
  • Ash handling systems. Wedge wire screens are used in ash handling systems in coal-fired power plants to separate ash and other solid residues from the flue gas. These screens help capture and contain the ash, making it easier to handle and dispose of waste.
  • Chemical treatment. Power plants often require various chemicals for water treatment and corrosion control. Wedge wire screens are commonly used as filter elements in chemical dosing systems to precisely control the injection of chemicals into water or process streams.