Vietnam Waterworks Intake Screen for River Water Filtration

Time: Jul 26, 2023 Scene: Waterworks Region: Vietnam

We recently received an email inquiry from a customer in Vietnam who was looking for a mesh screen that can be used in the river water intake of a waterworks to efficiently filter impurities in the water. After in-depth communication with the customer and learning their filtration needs and the specific conditions of the river water intake point, we recommended our intake screens. According to the actual situation of the river water intake point, we provide both T intake screens and I type intake screens for our customers to ensure efficient river water filtration at both intakes.

Basic Information and Specification
  • Scene: waterworks
  • Region: Vietnam
  • Products: I type Intake Screen
  • Material: SS304 (Ni8%, Cr18%)
  • Screen slots: 2 mm
  • Size: diameter: 500 mm × length: 1000 mm, diameter: 500 mm × length: 1300 mm
  • Quantity: 2 pcs.
Finished Product Photos & Packing
I type intake screen produced in the factory

I type intake screen in the factory

A blue plate trailer is used to convey an I type intake screen.

I type intake screen sample

A cart is used to move the T intake screen.

T intake screen sample

A worker is polishing the T intake screen.

T intake screen physical polishing

A T intake screen is packed with plastic film.

T intake screen plastic film package

T intake screen packed with air bubble film is placed into a wooden case.

T intake screen encasement


There are T intake screens, I intake screens, drum type intake screens, half intake screens and small pipe type intake screens. Intake screens can be installed in oceans, lakes, rivers and reservoirs.

  • In power and nuclear plants, intake screens are used as primary filters for cooling water drawn from natural water sources.
  • In ships, offshore platforms and seawater treatment facilities, intake screens filter organic and inorganic impurities from seawater, thus protecting seawater cooling systems, pumps and other critical equipment.
  • In gas and oil pipeline systems, intake screens filter solid particles, gravels and other impurities from oil and gas, thus protecting valves, nozzles, compressors and other key equipment from clogging and mechanical damage during transportation and treatment.