Smooth 0.5 mm Slot Width Wedge Wire Screen Panels

Time: Nov 25,2023 Scene: A filtration company Region: Belarus

Our Belarusian client received a batch of wedge wire screen panels with slot sizes of 0.5 mm from us. This tailor-made solution was designed to achieve efficient screening and precise filtration, meeting the client's challenges in terms of quality and durability. Through this collaboration, we provided an innovative solution that supports their success in complex applications.

Basic Information and Specification
  • Company: A filtration company
  • Country: Belarus
  • Products name: Wedge wire screen panels
  • Material: AISI 304
  • Slot size: 0.5 mm
  • Wedge wire: 3.4 x 6.5 mm
  • Support rod: 4.2 x 6.5 mm
  • Support rod pitch: 50 mm
  • Panel Size: 700 x 430 mm
  • Quantity: 8 PCS
Finished Products Photo & Packing

Product and drawing display

Vee wire height measuring

Vee wire width measuring

Slot size measuring

Support wire width measuring

Panel width measuring

Width measuring

Length measuring


Wedge wire screen panels offer robust filtration and support across industries such as agriculture, fisheries, water treatment, and construction. These panels excel in water treatment processes and applications involving natural water bodies, efficiently removing particulate matter.

  • Solid-Liquid Separation: Wedge wire screen panels are commonly used to separate suspended solid particles from water. In wastewater treatment plants, the precision of their openings effectively separates solid waste, resulting in clearer water.
  • Sand Control in Water Sources: In water extraction wells, wedge wire screen panels are used as a barrier against sand and other particles, preventing clogging of the pipeline system and protecting the equipment from damage.
  • Equipment Protection: Wedge wire screen panels safeguard water treatment equipment such as pumps and nozzles from damage caused by particulates.
  • Clarifiers and Sedimentation Tanks: The use of wedge wire screen panels in clarifiers and sedimentation tanks enhances the efficiency of wastewater treatment by separating suspended solids, thereby improving water clarity.