Lower Distributor Working Well in Vessels

Time: Sep 23, 2022 Scene: Draining system Region: Australia

Wedge wire screen lower distributor ensures uniform flow distribution and contact time between the water and the treatment media, allowing for effective treatment processes. The design and configuration of the lower distributor may vary depending on the specific water treatment application and the type of treatment media or bed used. It is an essential component in water treatment systems, ensuring proper distribution and contact of influent water with treatment media to achieve desired treatment results.

Basic Information and Specification
  • Company: Water Treatment Group
  • Country: Australia
  • Products name: Wedge wire vessel lateral assemblies
  • Material: SS316
  • Screen slots: 0.2 mm
  • Wedge wire screen tube: Customized
  • Main header: Customized
  • Flange: ASME B16.5 4" class welding neck flange
Products & QC Photos
Assembled wedge wire screen water distributor lower distributor

Wedge wire filter lower distributor

Detect wedge wire screen water distributor lower distributor by PMI test

PMI test

Measure wedge wire screen nozzle slot to be 0.2 mm

Lower distributor screen slot

Enlarged detail of lower distributor flange

Lower distributor flange

Enlarged detail of lower distributor connector

Lower distributor connector

Measure lower distributor flange neck length

Lower distributor flange neck length measurement

Detail of lower distributor lateral NPT connector

Lateral assembly NPT connector

Measure lower distributor lateral assembly length

Lower distributor lateral assembly length measurement