Sieve Bend Screen – Curved Surface for High Filtering Efficiency

Wedge wire sieve bends, also named as DSM screens, are typically made of stainless steel or other durable materials. They have a curved shape, hence the term "bend". The fundamental element of a sieve bend is a "wedge wire" screen, which is a surface made up of V-shaped profile wires that are resistant to clogging.

Wedge wire dsm screen is manufactured by welding the stainless steel V-shaped profile wires to the wedge wire support rods. Then the wedge wire panel screens are cutting and curved into wedge wire sieve bend screen with common 45°, 60° and other degree arcs. At last, the wedge wire sieve bends will be inserted into a stainless steel frame for easy installation onto equipment.

The structure is usually designed so that the wider part of the "V" is on the inside and the narrower part on the outside. This allows the liquid to pass through while trapping the solid particles on the surface. The size of the gaps between the wires can be adjusted to filter out particles of different sizes.

A piece of wedge wire sieve bends on black background.
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Structures of Sieve Bend Screen

Wedge wire sieve bends are made of stainless steel wedge wires. They are consist of a concave curved profile wire screen, which are inserted into a stainless steel frame. The wedge wire sieve bends are manufactured by wrapping and welding stainless steel V-shaped profile wire and support rods. Then the panel screens are cutting and curved into arc screen with common 45°, 60° and other degree arcs. The wedge wire sieve bends have continuous slots, which has efficient filtering performance. Forces exerted as materials flows against the curved surface, curved screen structure has better filtering and greater capacity than the wedge wire screen panel.

Working Principle of Sieve Bend Screen

DSM screen (sieve bend screen) is ideal for sizing and dewatering applications to remove solids from liquids or in solid/solid separation for dry feed situations. When the filtering materials flows against the sieve screens, Sieve bend screens can be manufactured into a variety of width, arc length and aperture to suit the flow rate and material sizing being separated. The feed materials are directed vertically and tangentially over the full width of the upper screen surface, then the material flows down the concave surface at right angles to the opening between wedge profiled wires. Wedge wire sieve bend screen has continuous slots, which supplies large open area and efficient filtering performance. Curved surface structure supplies higher flow rate, greater capacity and better filtering than wedge wire screen flat panels.

As a result, Thinner materials on the underside is deflected and passed out between the wires.

Two drawings show the working principle of DSM / sieve bend screen.
Technical Specification

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  • Material: stainless steel wire 304, 316, 316L, 321, etc.
  • Screen arc angle: 45°, 60°, 120°, 270° and 300°.
  • Slot size: 0.25 mm - 1 mm.
Table 1: Two types of Common Specifications of Sieve Bends
Model Type 1 Type 2
Panel Width 2000 mm 2000 mm
Panel Width 1885 mm 1885 mm
Angle 60° 60°
Slot Size 0.5 mm 0.25 mm
Profile Wire 1.8 mm × 4.5 mm 1.27 mm × 2.4 mm
Support Rod 2 mm × 9.5 mm 2 mm × 4.2 mm
Table 2: Other Specifications of wedge wire sieve bends
Item Radius (mm) Angle Width (mm) Slot size (mm)
WWSBS-01 2032 45° 914 0.25–1
WWSBS-02 2032 45° 1220 0.25–1
WWSBS-03 2032 45° 1524 0.25–1
WWSBS-04 2032 45° 1820 0.25–1
WWSBS-05 2032 45° 2134 0.25–1
WWSBS-06 2032 45° 2438 0.25–1
WWSBS-07 1016 60° 914 0.25–1
WWSBS-08 1016 60° 1220 0.25–1
WWSBS-09 1016 60° 1524 0.25–1
WWSBS-10 1016 60° 1820 0.25–1
WWSBS-11 1016 60° 2134 0.25–1
WWSBS-12 1016 60° 2438 0.25–1
WWSBS-13 1016 45° 914 0.25–1
WWSBS-14 1016 45° 1220 0.25–1
WWSBS-15 1016 45° 1524 0.25–1
WWSBS-16 1016 45° 1820 0.25–1
WWSBS-17 1016 45° 2134 0.25–1
WWSBS-18 1016 45° 2438 0.25–1
WWSBS-19 2032 60° 914 0.25–1
WWSBS-20 2032 60° 1220 0.25–1
WWSBS-21 2032 60° 1524 0.25–1
WWSBS-22 2032 60° 1820 0.25–1
WWSBS-23 2032 60° 2134 0.25–1
WWSBS-24 2032 60° 2438 0.25–1

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  • Efficiently filtering, sizing and separating performance: no matter liquid or solids, sieve bends provide efficient separating to let the needed materials through while capturing the impurities, fibers and other unneeded materials out.
  • Non-Clogging Screens: The V-shaped profile wires are less likely to clog than flat screens, which is important when dealing with materials that can be sticky or gooey.
  • Continuous Operation: Due to their self-cleaning properties, wedge wire screens can operate continuously without the need for frequent stoppages for maintenance.
  • Durable: Stainless steel material make sieve bends can be used in harsh environments (high corrosive, high abrasive, high high viscosity) and works for a long service time.

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During the processing of starch, particularly from sources like potatoes, corn, or cassava, separation processes are crucial. The goal is to separate the starch granules from the rest of the plant material, such as fibers, proteins, and other residues. In starch production, the slurry containing starch is often passed over a series of screens to filter out impurities and to concentrate the starch granules.

Apart from the starch production, the sieve bends can also be used in the following fields:

  • Sewage treatment.
  • Laundry wash water cleanup.
  • Poultry, fish, fruit and vegetable waste water processing.
  • Minerals processing.
  • Paper production.
  • Textile plants.
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