Completed Product Classification of Wedge Wire Screen

  • Wedge wire screen including screen panel, tube, cylinder, sieve bends and other shapes are widely used for filtering, screening and sizing.

  • Wedge wire screen panels with triangle surface profile and round, rectangular and wedge wire support profiles are widely used as vibrating screen mesh and floors.

  • Wedge wire screen cylinder with large diameters is used in mine, coal, mineral and other heavy duty applications for screening, filtering and sizing.

  • Wedge wire screen tube with various types and diameters is widely used in the petroleum, water treatment industries for water, oil and chemicals filtering.

  • Wedge wire screen support grid with high open area and excellent screening capacity is widely used in the carbon filters and lauter tanks.

  • Wedge wire sieve bends with large open area and good screening, sizing and dewatering performance are widely used in food, coal and chemical industry.

  • Wedge wire nozzles with non-clogging and high filtering efficiency is widely used in the water treatment applications for filtration and screening.

  • Wedge wire screen basket with firm structure and long service life is widely used in coal, mine, water treatment for dewatering and filtering.

  • Wedge wire lateral assemblies with various ending types and specs is widely used in the under draining applications for screening and filtering.