Versatile & Customized Packing System – Keep It In Optimal Condition

A worker is putting wedge wire tubes into plywooden case.

We will adopt different package method to guarantee the wedge wire products in good condition and protect them from damage and corrosion during long time transport.

Package – Bubble Wrap

For large wedge wire cylinders or custom shaped products, we will package the products with bubble wraps, which can maximally protect wedge wire products from damage and breakage during sea freight and it can prevent corrosion as well.

Package – Plastic bags

For wedge wire filter nozzles or small parts of wedge wire products, we will package them with individual plastic bags. This is convenient for customers to count and select, and it can avoid collisions very well.

Package – Plastic net sleeves

All wedge wire tubes with smaller diameters and lengths, we will package them with plastic net sleeves, which can prevent friction between products and impacts during transportation

Several wedge wire tubes with plastic net package in the wooden case.
Package – Bulk package

For larger diameter and lengths wedge wire tubes, we will package them tidy in the wooden cases for maximum capacity.

Several wedge wire screen tubes in the wooden case.