Wedge Wire Sieve Bends Allow You Say Goodbye to High Maintenance in Sugar Mills

The sugar industry is a field that involves complex processes and high-quality standards, and the role of wedge wire screens in this industry cannot be ignored. Wedge wire screens are used in various processing stages in the sugar industry, such as liquid-solid separation, screening, filtration, and grading. Whether extracting sugar from cane sugar or beet sugar, wedge wire screens are the primary tool for achieving solid-liquid separation. In this article, we will explore the key role and design advantages of wedge wire screen products in the sugar industry.

The wedge wire screen product used in the sugar industry is wedge wire sieve bend. It is used in sugar mill mineral processing. The working principle of the wedge wire sieve bend is that the sugar fluid material enters the curved sieve panel through a high-speed pump, and the fluid undergoes relative shear motion on the sieve panel due to centrifugal force and gravity, separating solids and liquids for filtration. This process ensures the extraction of pure sugar liquid from the mixture and removes unwanted impurities. Wedge wire sieve bend is also used in the filtration process of sugar beet factories with the same working principle.

The screen system wedge wires run along the screen to minimize cross-contamination. They have very low maintenance costs, self-cleaning capabilities, and are highly cost-effective in separating valuable liquids and solids. Many large food processing companies around the world benefit from wedge wire sieve bend devices with different screening accuracy grades.

Finished wedge wire sieve bends are placed on the ground.

Wedge wire sieve bend

The wedge wire sieve bend is processing beets.

For sugar mill beet filtration

Design Advantages of Wedge Wire Sieve Bend

  • Meet hygienic requirements for food processing.
  • Provide high screening accuracy and ensure cost-effectiveness of the solid-liquid separation.
  • Stable and compact wedge wire structure, heat and rust resistant.
  • Wear resistant, and reduced inspection and maintenance costs.
  • Insensitive to changes in consistency.

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