Key Application of Wedge Wire Sieve Bends in Starch Processing

Starch processing is a complex and crucial industrial process. In this process, solid-liquid separation, classification, and dewatering are vital steps. In this article, we will discuss a key equipment widely used in the starch processing industry – wedge wire sieve bends, which plays a crucial role in starch production.

Wedge wire sieve bends are installed in corn starch arc sieves for multi-stage countercurrent washing, sieving separation, dewatering, extraction, and removal of solid substances and impurities. In the early stages of starch processing, raw materials (such as corn kernels) are ground and mixed with water to produce a starch-rich slurry. The primary task of the sieve bend at this point is to separate the starch from fiber residues and solids. With its unique sieve slot structure, the sieve bend allows valuable starch to pass smoothly while retaining unwanted materials. This key function helps ensure the purity and quality of starch.

Several wedge wire sieve bends in the workshop

Wedge wire sieve bend

A corn starch arc sieve equipped with a wedge wire sieve bend

Corn starch arc sieve

Wheat, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and corn are displayed.

Wedge wire sieve bend for various grain processing

Design Advantages of Wedge Wire Sieve Bend

  • Durability. These screen panels are designed to be robust and can withstand high-load operations and ensure long-term reliable performance.
  • High accuracy. Their sieve slot structure provides high precision screening, and can effectively remove impurities and solids and improve product quality.
  • Flexibility. The wedge wire sieve bend offers a wide range of specifications and sieve slot sizes to suit the needs of different starch processing stages, thus achieving a high degree of customization.
  • Waste reduction. Through effective separation and dewatering, it helps to reduce wasted materials and improve resource efficiency.

Wedge wire sieve bend ensures the efficient operation of the production process while helping to reduce the environmental impact to make starch processing more sustainable. For more information about wedge wire sieve bends, please feel free to contact us, we will provide a wide range of high quality wedge wire sieve bends in various accuracy grades to meet your specific needs.