Optimized Farm Management: The Application of Inclined Screen Solid-Liquid Separator

Effective environmental resource management is crucial in the agricultural sector. It is desirable to reduce the pollution and odors caused by animal manure and sludge accumulation through further processing. Animal manure in farms is often inconvenient to transport and treat due to its high moisture content, but the inclined screen solid-liquid separator can effectively solve this problem.

The inclined screen solid-liquid separator can process raw materials with a water content of around 70%. After processing, the moisture content of the material coming out of the machine can be reduced to 30–40%. This function effectively reduces the concentration of suspended solids in water and the processing load of subsequent processes. The processed waste is conducive to further transportation and can be used as organic fertilizer for biogas materials, fruit tree materials, forest waste, etc.

Inclined screen solid-liquid separator in the factory

Inclined screen solid-liquid separator

The details of wedge wire screen panel in inclined screen solid-liquid separator

Wedge wire screen panel for inclined screen solid-liquid separator

The wedge wire screen panel in the inclined screen solid-liquid separator is a key component of the equipment. The animal manure to be processed is pushed to the front of the machine by a screw. Under the action of gravity, these materials pass through the wedge wire screen panel in front of the machine, and the liquid is discharged through the drainage pipe behind the wedge wire screen panel. The wedge wire screen panel of the inclined screen solid-liquid separator is made of stainless steel and has excellent corrosion resistance. Different slot widths and tilt angles can be selected according to the screening requirements of the raw materials.

Design Advantages of Wedge Wire Screen Panel

  • Stable efficiency. The stable and ordered sieve slot hole design ensures the screening efficiency of the material.
  • Customization and adjustability. Slot width and angle of inclination can be adjusted to meet the solid-liquid separation needs of different livestock and poultry manure.
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Environmental protection and resource recovery. It can effectively separate solids from liquids and reduce waste discharge, complying with environmental regulations.

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